Saturday, July 23, 2011

Friday Night Catered Dinners

Since my Friday night catered dinners have become a continuing event, I'm thinking that I need to keep track of what I made as I don't want to duplicate too much if I can help it. So I will make a list of what I can remember so far.

Chicken Wings with orange marmalade glaze, cold slaw, potato salad, and chocolate chip cookies

Shrimp Louis

Grilled Sirloin with mixed veggie salad and black berry cobbler

Grilled Halibut with Herbs and Capers, salad, poached pears, lemon chess pie

Gosh that's as far back as I can remember, but I know I served a flan with something. Wonder what? And variations of chess pie too. Funny how one can remember desserts but not the main meal?

Last night I made Bar-B-Q pulled pork on french bread along with a spinach salad and lemon bars for dessert. The BBQ sauce was not homemade but I am thinking about making my own BBQ and tomato ketchup from now on. We will see.

The new sourdough starter did not turn out well, and I had to throw it away. I think it got too hot sitting on the stove top next to a vent from the oven. I did not realize that the oven put out so much heat to the back burners when things are baking. Thanks goodness I kept my tried and true starter which has not failed me yet.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tokyo Subway Quilt

At last and ahead of schedule, the Tokyo Subway Quilt top is finished. When I laid it on the bed for a picture, it took Seymore less than 20 seconds to jump up on it and make himself comfortable. I must admit that I had to force myself to finish the last two blocks. Putting these babies together can be quite tedious, but now it is accomplished and the planning for the back begins.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Chili Relleños (1st Try)

The first attempt at chili relleños was not a huge success. I was going to use Anaheim chilies but there were none to be had. Pablanos were the next choice. They had to be charred and the skin removed before slitting and stuffing with sharp cheddar cheese. They split by themselves and had to be held together with toothpicks. The batter was simply flour, milk, egg, baking soda, and baking powder which was the consistency of a think pancake mix. Dipped the stuffed chilies in flour and then in the mix and fried in canola oil. They browned very quickly. The result was a crisp coating but the taste was very bland. Next time I will stuff with a more tasty cheese or sausage. If anyone has a killer relleño recipe, please advise!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Toyko Subway Quilt

Okay, the next time I blithely agree to participating in a group quilting assembly, I will find out what is involved before saying yes! Here are the first 5 of 25 blocks. Each block consists of 64 2 inch squares! Yikes. Each square is different and as you may be able to see will look like a subway map with each line having its own color. I have given myself the improbable dead line of July 25th. That means producing 1 block every 2 days. Hope I can do it! I have to admit that I think it looks pretty cool.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

First Flan

Seriously, what was I thinking when I told my dinner company to name their dessert? Flan was the order, and although I have never made it, I'm thinking: it is just custard, my mother made it and she never could make a pie, it has to be easy. Wrong. Then there are about a billion recipes for it out there, and it took me forever to decide which one. Those of you who have done this before know that the first step is making the caramel sugar that goes on the bottom of the pan but eventually ends up on the top. That proved to be a problem. Batch #1 burned, and batch #2 stuck to the pan and hardened before I could spread it. For batch #3 I went to a different recipe and it boiled for a half hour before I realized it was not going to caramelize so it got thrown out. Batch #4 was back to the original recipe but using more of the ingredients. That got into the bottom of the pan. The custard part wasn't so hard and the dessert is cooling in the refrige as we speak. I am hoping that my company arrives soon because I am eyeing the liquor cabinet and definitely ready for a restorative beverage!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

First Wool Project

Who would have realized how much work goes into hand appliqued wool pieces. If I had known I may not have signed up for the Sue Spargo block of the month which I am going to start right away. Last night at midnight I finished embroidering the legs and beaks on the birds. Today I passed up the day lily show because I was so anxious to sew the backing on this baby and have the project finished. Yeah! Jessi thought I should bead it, but I'm thinking it will destroy its very folksy quality. Well, it was a good learning piece and now I am aware of the pitfalls to avoid on my next project.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Fence

Take a good look at this picture. Is it a fence? Is it a moat? Are the bars to trap alligators? This is the fence that through our government's well thought out wisdom is being constructed along the border of Mexico and the United States! This photo was taken out the truck window as we drove onto the "Mexican side" of the fence. However, we were still in Texas as the border is really the Rio Grande which was many miles further on. Now the fence is tall and strong, but there are many openings through which to pass. In one picture you can see a tire laying by the opening. It was explained to me that the border patrol drags this tire behind their vehicles so they can inspect for footprints. I'll post the rest of the pictures on my Flickr site. Draw your own conclusions.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Is It True?

EW has informed me that no creative person has pets! Well, I am wondering if that is true.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


This weekend's getaway was to Laredo. What a shame that the drug war prevents people from walking across the bridge to Neuvo Laredo. We toasted to the Dos Laredos that are no more. However, I would definitely recommend La Posada for its old world charm and tasty cuisine. And of course if you are in the need of Mexican pottery or metal work, this is the place. My friend, Jennifer, and I were in heaven combing through the various shops in hopes of hidden treasures. I must admit that I never did find the coveted pig planter to match the one I already have. "Quiero un puerco grande para los flores."

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Hideout on the Horseshoe

Here are two images from last weekend's getaway to the Guadalupe River. Although overcast and a bit cold, it was peaceful and relaxing. One of the highlights was finding a bonanza of limestone which was carted home for a building project.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Joy of Sourdough

There is nothing like making your own sourdough starter. Nurturing it and feeding it and then lovingly putting it in the refrigerator. These loaves turned out the best of any previous efforts. Even my most critical taster pronounced the bread to be excellent.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

An Amazing Turn...

of events. Who would have thought that this girl would find someone who really cared for her? Skeptical I was at first and perhaps still a little, but EW has been slowly breaking down my defenses. Tonight before my departure to Padre Island, he presented me with a lovingly cooked pot roast, fruit, fresh squeezed orange juice, and various other delicacies so that I wouldn't have to cook when I got there. Plus he has monitored the weather and worried if I was driving in any adverse conditions. There is also the elaborate set up he constructed so that I could plug in my travel trailer at the house which has eliminated the need to pack large and cumbersome ice chests. The best part though is that we share the same sense of humor. For example, tonight we were having dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant. After we both visited the restroom and commented on the annoyance of those air blowers instead of paper towels, I asked if he had noticed the directions printed on that device. He hadn't, and of course I had because it takes about 10 minutes to get your hands dry in such circumstances. So I was reading the directions while waiting. The last line of directions said: "Turn nozzle up for drying your hair." Now I ask you, who dries their hair in the restroom of a restaurant? Well, let your imagination take hold of that!! And we did. The waiter, who didn't speak English very well, showed signs of distress because we were laughing so hard. EW thank you for an amazing 2 months.