Saturday, August 7, 2010

Diva Purse Top Section

Here is how you construction the top section of the Diva purse.

Sew the zipper unit onto the purse side, right sides together and leaving the lining loose.

Unzip, turn purse inside out and sew on other side. Note: It might be better to not stitch across zipper so that you can keep it more open allowing for it to be easier to sew. I stitched across too soon which made it harder to get things together.

Now measure the half point that is about 2 and 1/2 inches about bottom of flap.

Center snap anchor and mark the slit lines. Snip on slit lines being careful not to make them too large.

Push prongs of snap through and smash flat.

Lay other flap on top and mark center. Then repeat last step so that other side of snap is in place.

Now these flaps can be sewn onto the ends of the purse. Since I was using demin, it was necessary to sew some of this by hand. Also before sewing on the flaps, be sure that your lining is turned under at each end and sewn down or tacked so it will lie flat under the flaps.

Monday, August 2, 2010

August Gardening

My goal for this month is to spend 30 minutes in the garden 5 days a week. Here is my progress report.

August 2 - Monday I worked on the back garden fence area. I had weeded half of it on Saturday so I began on the second half. The honeysuckle that I planted several years ago has taken over in one corner and is trying to choke out the Texas sage that is planted there. I liberated the sage while noticing that the soaker hose that I installed before going on the cruise certainly has done wonders for the plants on the fence. The crape myrtles, knockout roses, and trumpet vines are all in bloom. The butterfly bushes needed some pruning.

August 1 - Sunday is usually not a day to spend in the garden. After taking Sookie for a walk, it was time to get ready for church and by the time I returned home it was way too hot for gardening.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

August's Reading List

212 by Alafair Burke A bodyguard for a powerful businessman is gunned down in his boss's apartment. The murder is called in by a mysterious woman who then disappears. Megan and her roommate Heather are attacked after threatening posts on a campus gossip web site. Megan dies. Katy Battle (aka Miranda) is found murdered. Is there a connection between these cases?

The Last Patriot
by Brad Thor Was there a last instruction omitted from the Koran? Was Mohammed poisoned? Was Thomas Jefferson really studying Islam and realizing the impact it was going to have on our history? How historically correct are the "facts" presented here? This book reads like a Dan Brown novel but has my attention and the desire to find out these and other questions.