Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Star Blocks

This afternoon I came home from my daughter's house where I inspected the new tile that Rick put in. Wow! He had pulled up all that out-dated stuff and put the most lovely tiles down. It looked fantastic. After I got home, I had what I thought was about an hour before they came over to my house to hang out and watch a program that I had taped, so I went upstairs to cut out the next blocks of the Thimbleberries Quilt that Jessie and I are making. She is making the lap quilt for a wall hanging and I am making a queen sized quilt for the bedroom. It's a quilt that I think I'll be all right letting Sookie get on since she doesn't shed and has shown no interest in chewing holes in anything. Well, I cut out the pieces and the kids weren't here so I started putting them together. To make a long story short, I finished the two star blocks and had ten minutes to relax before their arrival.

June's Reading List

In the Lake of the Woods Tim O'Brien (John's wife Kath disappears while on vacation after loosing a election. Did the mentally unstable ex-politician do her in? Some very unsettling and true descriptions of the Vietnam War.)

The Girl with the The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Stieg Larsson (Lisbeth helps Blomkvist solve a cold case and revenge some wrong doing.)

The Help Kathryn Stockett (Skeeter interviews women who serve as maids in the post Civil Rights South.)

The White Queen Philippa Gregory (Historical novel about the War of the Roses.)

Dead to the World Charlaine Harris ( Sookie Stackhouse Series #4 Sookie hides Eric and helps him regain is memory.)

In The Woods Tana French (Man obsessed with disappearance of two friends while they all played in the woods as children.)

The Maze Catherine Coulter (Serial killer makes women run through a maze.)

Death of a Cad M.C. Beaton (Modern Scottish murder mystery.)

Emma Jane Austin

Dying for Chocolate Mott Davidson (Culinary mystery)

Crowing Glory of Calla Lily Ponder Rebecca Wells (Calla follows in her mother's footsteps becoming a beautician in a small town)

Miss Julia Speaks Her Mind Ann B. Ross (Widowed matron discovers that her husband led a double life while minister strives to lay paws on her money.)

The Girl Who Chased the Moon Sarah Addison Alan (A girl moves in with her reclusive giant father. Unusual friendships, Bar-B-Que, and magic develops.)

Friday Night Knitting Club Kate Jacobs (Georgia deals with her ex while managing a successful knitting shop.)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Assembling the Zipper Unit of the Diva Purse

Here are the steps to making the zipper unit for the Diva Purse.
Start with you six zipper strips.
2 main fabric, 2 lining, 2 fusible batting

Fuse batting to main fabric backs.

Line up zipper, face down, on right side of main fabric.

Baste and then sew using zipper foot.

Right sides together, sew the lining onto the zipper and main fabric piece.

Turn, press, and top stitch.

Lay zipper face down on edge of other strip. Baste. Opening the zipper made it easier.

Now sew on lining piece right sides together.

Turn and top stitch.

The zipper unit now looks like this.
Sew back and forth over zipper to keep the pull from coming off when you cut it off and unzip it.