Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Veggie Pita Taco Recipe

Veggie Pita Taco Recipe

This is so much better than I thought it would be. I don't know if it is original but...

Failure Then Success

The South Beach Diet was a disaster for me. I didn't even last one day which made me feel very disappointed in myself and so kind of gave up the idea of dieting at all. BUT after returning from Oregon and weighing in (I thought I'd lost weigh there but NO) I decided that even though I'm still not considered overweight, I'd better do something before it was too late! Luckily for me and quite by accident I stumbled upon the SparksPeople site. Wow! What a great place to keep you on track. It generates meal suggestions, groceries list, and exercise program. It tracks your progress and motivates by awarding points. Plus it's FREE! What more could I ask for.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

After All These Years

It was fifty-two years ago when Robin and I exited the 8th grade at Campbell Hall and went on to high school. Then this year because of my Flickr account we reunited over the internet. She continues to live in California while I now reside in Texas, but we physically met in Oregon for the Shakespearian festival. Our friendship continued like it had never had such an incredibility gap. Who would of thought this would have happened when we were snobbish little pre-teens reading Shakespeare and looking down our noses at the "less intelligent" folks of the world? Robin said she was going to be a lawyer and sure enough she is, practicing family law and fighting for the rights of the poor. As I'm writing this she is in Detroit helping the unemployed auto workers. After returning home from Oregon she won an important case that saved a child from a drug addicted parent and her battle continues... Wow! While we were together she spent most of her time preparing briefs, reviewing cases, and communicating with clients. I read novels, took walks, played with her dog, Buddy, and hung out with a friend who drove up from California. In a situation like this, one has to start evaluating the importance of one's life.

Gardening Notes: Planted two Vitrex Chaste trees and pruned some of the oak limbs hanging over my deck.