Monday, June 22, 2009

First Day

The boys and I survived our first day together quite well. They arrived here in time for a pancake breakfast then I drove the two older ones to summer school. Their mother and teacher had threatened them with no swimming if behavior was not impeccable and so they were perfect angels at school. Owen was happy that we went straight to the pool, and he didn't have to do his homework until dinner time. We worked on that while I prepared dinner, and it went smoothly enough. After dinner I started them on their reading lessons and found that the books I had chosen were at their frustration level so will get different ones tomorrow. We played I spy on the computer then read each one a story. The going to bed routine reminded me of "So Long, Farewell..." from Sound of Music. Read Ezra Where the Wild Things Are then tucked him in. Next I read to Austin from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and tucked him in. Ezra was still awake, but down. Last I finished off with The Mouse and the Motorcycle with Owen and we went up. Ezra was out, Austin was barely awake, and I haven't heard a peep from the upstairs contingency since kissing Owen good night. Very satisfactory ending to the day, phewwww!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009


In the middle of the night, it started raining. I got up and sat on my front porch to enjoy it. It is very different here than at home when it rains. One area can be getting soaked while another area only a block away will stay dry. We are now on stage 2 water restrictions as southern Texas is experiencing drought while the Dallas area is flooding. With stage 2 I'll most likely lose my back lawn, some of my plants, and possibly the front lawn; however the St. Augustine grass comes back quickly when water is available to it again.
Yesterday, I had to laugh when I found out what creature has been helping himself to the tomatoes. Who would have thought, but it is a yellow-fronted woodpecker! There he was strolling around the plants checking for just the right one. It's my fault because I lure him to the garden by putting pancakes in one of the feeders, but now that Ezra hasn't been here in the mornings, there are no pancakes therefore tomatoes seem to be his second choice. The greedy little guy should have plenty next week as all the boys will be here full time. That is going to be a lovely time for me.